Delivery — The World’s Our Oyster!

Through the wonders of today’s sophisticated technology, our goal is to service organizations, churches and reading rooms in virtually any corner of the globe. 

For US and Canadian organizations, we offer two poster options:

Option 1: Posters are printed and shipped to their destination. Shipping and handling charges are extra (sales tax is included) and will depend on your location. We will endeavour to find the most cost effective way of getting your posters to you. Normal turn-around from the time the funds are received is 10 - 15 working days, depending on your location.

Option 2: Posters are supplied in electronic format as PDFs for printing or JPEGs for digital display units. The PDF files are very large (between 4 and 12 MB) and will be downloaded to the printer of your choice. JPEGs can be emailed. Please advise the dimensions required.

Outside North America - shipping costs outside North American preclude us offering the first option - only Option 2 is available. We will assume that your want your posters in Euro sizes (A1 or A2). If, however, you want them in North American sizes, please indicate this in your covering email.

IMPORTANT: Our licensing agreement precludes organizations from sharing electronic files. This means that electronic versions of the posters purchased by one organization may not be used to produce posters for another organization. Each organization must purchase its own files. Failure to do so contravenes our licensing agreements.