Prices are in US dollars and include sales tax.  Shipping and handling are extra: Flat rate shipping to US is $10.00 (any quantity, any size). Flat rate shipping to Canada is $26.00 (any quantity, any size). 


Size Printed PDF/JPEG
24 x 36 inches US $35 each
US $12 each*
16 x 24 inches US $18 each US $12 each*
 A1 or A2   US $12 each* 

*NOTE: PDFs and JPEGs cannot be purchased through the shop. If you are interested in purchasing these electronic files, please email us. 

IMPORTANT: Our licensing agreement precludes organizations from sharing electronic (PDF or JPEG) files. The $12 charge for an electronic version of a poster entitles the purchaser to print one flyer. Electronic versions of the posters purchased by one organization may not be used to produce posters for another organization. Each organization must purchase its own file. Failure to do so contravenes our licensing agreements.

Posters are for display purposes only and may not be sold.


We have developed a selection of curbside signs suitable for attaching to sandwich boards inviting people to come into the reading room or to attend Sunday services or Wednesday testimony meetings. There is also a selection of signs inviting students to the Sunday school. These signs are 24 x 36 inches and 16 x 24 inches (vertical) but can be adjusted to fit your dimensions. There is also the option of lamination so that they can withstand wet weather.


Canadian churches and reading rooms

In the past, The Christian Science Trust in Canada has supported projects of this nature and reimbursed participating churches and reading rooms up to 75% of the total cost. Those Canadian churches wishing to order posters may wish to consider applying to Trust Canada for financial assistance … the paperwork is simple and easy to complete. Click here for Trust Canada's guidelines. Click here for the application form.



Payment is by Paypal or credit card. Those churches which don't have access to either Paypal or a credit card, should email us with their contact information and selection. We will invoice them and they can send us a cheque.

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CSPS Download Store

Contact us if you’d like us to print a poster you’ve seen on The Christian Science Publishing Society’s download store.  Prices are the same as those quoted here.