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After you have made your selection, complete the order form and email to us. We will process your order and email you an invoice for the total amount including shipping and handling. On receipt of payment we will produce and ship the posters.

This 'spiritual snack' poster shown here is a great ice-breaker. The 'snacks', which can be supplied with this poster, are quotes from the Bible and Mrs. Eddy's writings printed off on small pieces of paper, cut up and rolled up or folded and placed in a candy dish or cookie jar. Offering people a 'snack' is an easy way to approach them and we've had a lot of success with this approach at local wellness shows and handing them out outside our reading room. The 'snacks' can be easily made locally but we can also supply master copies for duplication locally. If you are ordering the 'spiritual snack' poster and wish a supply of these master copies, please specify in the box provided at the bottom of the order form. The address and phone number of your reading room goes on the bottom of the 'snack' so please provide if not shown at top of order form.